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*America's Premier Independent Educational Consultant for International Students & Families*

International Admissions Advisors (IAA) is a U.S.-based firm with 5 physical offices that provides cutting-edge knowledge and insider perspective to assist our international clients.

Our admissions-intelligence, attention to detail and admissions success rate result in infinite ROI and successful admissions outcomes.  Our team of expert admissions advisors have been changing international students' futures worldwide for over 17 years.

I.  Who are we?

International Admissions Advisors (IAA) is a unit of Pinnacle Educational Center consisting of a team of educational advisors from Pinnacle Educational Center Admissions Advisors Group and Admissions Advisors Group and its international affiliate partners.  Our team of international affiliate educational partners are based in:  London, Beijing, Delhi, Paris, Sao Paulo, Moscow, Kuala Lumpur

Our Global Admissions Intelligence Network provides us with cutting-edge knowledge and insider perspective that gives our clients that needed admissions advantage to get into their top-choice private school or college. 

We understand the value of  a U.S. education and the competitive nature of applying to elite private schools, Ivy League and highly competitive colleges and universities.

We are a team Ivy League-trained, independent educational consultants, former Ivy League admissions directors and officers, board members and trustees, active alumni from selected educational institutions, and students currently enrolled at Ivy League schools.

For international families and students: We are NOT EDUCATION/RECRUITING AGENTS and have no financial relationships with third-tier or low-tier private schools or colleges that wish to simply increase their enrollment by accepting international students!

For U.S. expat families:  Many U.S. expat families living outside the United States have expressed the urgent need to find reliable, effective educational consultants for their children so that they may attend elite U.S. private schools or Ivy League and top-tier universities. 

We develop admissions advisory strategies personalized for our clients that are not found on the internet, in blogs, books and publications so that they can get accepted into the school of their dreams!

II.  Why choose us over your locally-based education agent or other U.S. education consultants?

  • Based in the U.S. with 6 physical offices.  We are not internet/home-based offices.
  • Admissions experts in private school  and college admissions placement.
  • Cutting-edge knowledge about the changes in U.S. private schools and colleges.
  • Trusted admissions advisors with a minimum of 10 years admissions experience.
  • Proven success - Our track record and admissions acceptance rate - over 97%.
  • Unmatched Services - services provided with a guarantee for qualified international students.

III.  What makes our international experts unique?

At International Admissions Advisors, the cultural, professional and ethnic diversity in our firm gives our clients that admissions advantage to stand out amongst the crowd of other international students and get accepted into their top-choice schools.

a. 100% of our advisors have lived or studied outside the US, in over 30 countries.

b. 100% of our advisors are fluent in at least one foreign language including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish, German, Malay, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

c. 100% of our advisors are Ivy League educated - undergraduate.

d. 100% of our advisors annually visit top U.S. private schools and Ivy League and top-tier colleges.

e. 100% of our advisors focus exclusively on admissions to elite private schools and Ivy League and top-tier colleges and universities!

Work directly with the top educational consultant and admissions advisor, Dr. Paul R. Lowe.  Choose the best for success!

We are  offering a Guaranteed Admissions Program (GAP) only to qualified clients.

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Because as a PECAAG affiliate, we are the best in the educational consulting business!

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E-mail: info@internationaladmissionsadvisors.com

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